A long essay of 2,000 words should be submitted by each student no later than (Week 10). (The word count is inclusive of all footnotes and appendices but excludes references.) Students should answer one of the following questions:

1. Why has foreign direct investment (FDI) increased in recent decades?
2. Has increased corporate power and mobility weakened nation states?
3. What are the implications of international migration for poorer countries and their citizens?

The essays are designed to test your critical, analytical and research skills. Students are reminded to start preliminary research early. The essays will require substantial reading and research, which goes beyond that in the set texts. Some suggested further reading will also be posted on Blackboard but students should allow sufficient time for library searches for research material. :
Reading materials link:
username: niye3288 password: yuni0309

1. introduciton need to state how you will address the question and how your essay will be structured.
2.some points or arguments need evidence to support like data, case analyse.
3 more reference
4. Harvard referencing style

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