Classics English literature

There are 3 parts in this writing:

Part 1, about 250 words
“The Story of An Hour” by Chopin

You may choose which order you do these activities (change race first/second). Each activity will focus on the same work (unless there’s some good reason not to). The idea is to track the interplay of race with issues of identity, social position, power and class. You may use these prompts to get started:
1) How does race affect the character’s choices?
2) How does race affect your perception of the character’s relative position in society?
3) How does race affect you, the reader’s, personal connection or affinity with the character?
4) Does, or how does, race affect your assessment of his/her psychological condition?

Part 2, about 250 words
Piercy, “Barbie Doll”

answer one of these questions,
1. What are the power relationships between men and women (or characters assuming
male/female roles)?
or 2. What kinds of behavior does this text seem to encourage or enforce?
or 3. How do the operations of repression structure or inform the work?

Part 3, about 250 words
“You Can’t Get Lost in Capetown”

answer this question:
How does the work undermine or contradict generally accepted truths?

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