Classic English Literature

Read O’Connor, “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” “Good Country People;”
Pynchon, “Entropy”

Answer the following questions below and include quotes from readings to support your answer

1. Given the discussion of O’Connor’s “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” what does it mean to be good and how do we see goodness conveyed in her story “Good Country People?

2. All three of the stories for this week have individuals who, in various ways, struggle to exert control over their lives. By discussing an example from each story, explain what you think the three works collectively say about our ability to control our lives.

3. Both O’Connor and Pynchon are known for producing works that shock their readers. O’Connor even claimed that you needed to shock a reader to wake the reader up and get him/her to see differently. To what extent does each story for this week use shocking tactics (grotesque imagery, violence, dark humor) to make us understand our world in a new way or learn something?

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