Chile Antidumping Case, Wheat Flour from Argentina

Logistical Information

The final paper will be 5 pages in length (double spaced, 10-12 point font, one inch margins on each side), not including any tables, figures, graphs or appendices you would like to include. Do not forget to include a page at the end for references and sources cited in the text. There should be several sources, as this is a research project. See the end of this document for information on how to cite sources for an economics paper, including a special feature for this paper: identifying the particular perspective of the source.

Requirements for Sources

At least 5 of the sources that you use and reference in your bibliography must come from a book or journal found in the University library or academic databases; i.e., not from the internet. (Jason Bernard will help us identify useful sources). Newspaper or magazine articles do not count. Furthermore, note that you should only use information that is found on the internet that derives from sources that you can independently verify as being credible.

Additionally, for each dispute you must use information about a) actual foreign and domestic firms and the industry involved in the dispute, and b) the part of the government that was involved in the potentially WTO-inconsistent policy, as well as c) non-governmental organizations and third countries also with a substantiated interest in the dispute’s outcome.

Tips on Referencing and Bibliography

Please use only “in-text” referencing in this paper; that is, you should NOT use footnotes. Furthermore, for this paper, indicate briefly in the bibliography entry the perspective of the source

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