Change Management Approach

You are preparing a presentation to your manager and the project sponsor. You are concerned about their response to the activities planned in preparation for the organizational changes. You already know that your manager thinks that change management is touchy-feel, fluffy stuff. (He was in charge of the Sarbanes-Oxley project last year, and as you know, change management issues were not addressed ahead of time.) You are not sure how the V.P. of Operations (the project sponsor) feels about the topic.
Using Library resources, prepare a 1-2 page persuasive argument to present to the project sponsor and your manager. First person pronouns are allowed, but do not overuse them and appear too focused on you. We is much more team and organizational oriented. Do not use expressions such as I thinkI feel or n my opinion as these are fluff and reduce the impact of your statements.
general benefits of change management
extent of change to the overall organization as a result of the project
expected emotional response to the changes from the organization
risks to the project if change issues are not addressed adequately
your own philosophy/model toward change and how that meshes/conflicts with the organization’s culture
the impact change management activities will have on your project plan

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