Case study-Erradicating Smallpox

Case study paper

You are to gather information from websites and both of your textbooks to answer the questions.  You may only use websites that end in .edu, .org, or .gov.  No commercial websites (ending in .com) may be used.  If you are going to use an online encyclopedia, you may not choose Wikipedia.  Wikipedia is not peer-reviewed, meaning that anyone can post any information on the site.  Therefore, the accuracy of the information is not assured.  You can use World Book, Encyclopedia Britannica, etc.

Begin your paper with an overview or summary of the specific health issue discussed in the case study.  Write this out in narrative form.  You can not use bullet or outline format.  I expect a written narrative summary.   Discuss the particular health issue, how it develops, its impact on individuals, common treatments modalities, and its impact on the country’s health and economy.

Next, list the questions individually and address them.  Use the questions as headers.  Answer the questions using narrative writing.  Answer the questions separately.  List the question, answer it and then list the next question, etc.  I would estimate that you should write approximately one page overview and approximately a half page to answer each question.  The total case study paper should not exceed five (5) pages, excluding cover page and reference page.

Use proper APA formatting for this paper.  You are expected to provide citations and references.

Case Study: Eradicating    Smallpox

Questions to answer:
1. Define eradication, extinction, elimination, and control.
2. Describe the characteristics of smallpox that made it an appropriate candidate for eradication.
3.Should a measles eradication program be initiated? Why or why not?
4.If polio is eradicated, should we destroy all poliovirus samples?Why or why not?
5.In 1965, why didn’t the World Health Organization immediately undertake a full-scale eradication program after endorsement by the World Health Assembly?

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