Communication and Personality in Negotiation Paper

1-Using the selected concepts and terms from your selected readings, prepare a paper in which you describe a negotiation situation that you have participated in (e.g., sale/purchase of a house, car, salary, etc.).
2-In your paper, be sure to analyze the roles of communication and personality in negotiation
3-and how they contributed to or detracted from the negotiation.
*Characteristics of negotiating:
-Two or more parties involved
Conflict of needs or desires of both parties
-Parties negotiate by choice (because they suspect they can improve the outcome of the negation)

*Three types of relationships between parties:
-Independence- No need to negotiate
-Interdependence- distributive or integrative type (car sales) both have motivation to make business/transaction
-Dependence- no room to negotiate (father/child)
-By choice (neighbor example)

*Role of Intangibles of negotiation:
-Pg. 9

Can the writer use this e-books as references:
EBOOK COLLECTION: Negotiation by Lewicki, Barry, and Saunders
EBOOK COLLECTION: Negotiations: Readings, Exercises, and Cases by Lewicki, Barry, and Saunders
EBOOK COLLECTION: Global Business Negotiations: A Practical Guide by Cellich and Jain
EBOOK COLLECTION: Conflict Diagnosis and Alternative Dispute Resolution by Coltri

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