Art (Fine arts, Performing arts)

write a one page paper answering the questions in part 3 in the instructions paper. The art that I chose is graphic arts. answer the following questions 1. Choose two different countries in which this category of arts has been produced extensively. Describe how it portrays the cultures of the countries. Provide visuals where relevant. (The countries you choose must be very different from each other as well as your own country. For instance, one may be Sweden and the other one may be Russia).
2. Evaluate the place of this category of arts in The united Arab Emirates culture and compare it to its place (and practice) in the two countries you described above.
3. Discuss the role this category of arts (can) plays in enhancing communication across cultures. Provide evidence where relevant.
4. Reflect on your own likes, dislikes, personality traits etc. and explain what you like or dislike about this category of arts and why.
5. Evaluate the extent to which and the particular ways in which this task has helped you improve your intercultural communication skills.

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