Analysis The Taking of Pelham 123

Times New Roman and 12 point font.

Compose an analysis of at least one major theme in the novel. The Taking of Pelham 123. Discuss how this theme is exposed, developed, and supported through a distinctive use of fictional style or technique by the author, John Godey.

For Example: THe characterization of Ryder is amplified through many flashbacks to his military education, training, and reader to understand Ryder’s current tactical choices about the train hijacking?

For Example: Ryder’s military – style leadership of the hijacking is borne out by his interactions with his fellow criminals.

Cite a couple of major instances (one positive, one negative) of how interior monologue, dialogue, or events pivot upon Ryder’s battlefield training and acceptance of the principles associated with the chain of command.

You must demonstrate your comprehension of literary style, fictional techniques, and story structure. Moreover, your contentions must be supported by a detailed examination of a few specific passages from the novel which you cite as supporting evidence for your thesis.

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