Afro-American History

please prepare a short paper one of the following topics:
1) The Harlem Renaissance, or
2) Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, or
3) Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois, or
4) The Civil Rights movement

For paper, i should use only one item of evidence, either an item of visual evidence, for example from the museum visit, or a short text selection. write a paper like this:

Discuss the historical importance of the evidence in relation to the topics of this course.

So you have to read any one chapter of the Book
(The New Negro voices of the Harlem REnaissance edited by Alain Locke)
here are lists of the art works that is located in Brooklyn can look
up this lists on the internet for using the example for the museum visit..

negro head, power figure, fragment of a head, plaque, nkisi figure, reliquary guardian figure, ray komai, eastman johnson(a ride for liberty), kara walker(burning african vilage play set with big house and lynching).

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