Action Research Plan DB

Hello, please read this carefully before you start the order


Your response should be substantive–e.g., make a suggestion, add an experience you’ve had with the topic, suggest a resource, ask a “critical friend” question about methods, ethics, or validity, etc.


this is an example of what you might post here on the board.  Notice that I provide a general, brief intro to the topic and my purpose and I ask for specific feedback.  This will help the reader understand what you’re trying to do and they can give you more targeted feedback.  And your identifying what feedback  you want will also help you clarify your thinking about what you want to do.  Readers, read the AR Plan draft with this info in mind to sharpen your reading. 



I’d like to explore the characteristics of motivated readers.  Are there common traits, dispositions, or experiences among students who LOVE to read?  My interest in this topic actually comes from struggles I’ve had with unmotivated students.  Instead of studying unmotivated learners, though, I want to approach the question from the opposite direction–what is it about students who really move to read?  Maybe what I learn from these students can be applied to ways to reach students who struggle or who appear unmotivated to read.


Feedback I’d be interested in:

Suggestions for interview questions.

Your ideas for strategies for reaching unmotivated readers

Ideas for a “task-based” interview with students.


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