Abnormal Psychology in the Media

Paper #1 Abnormal psychology in the media: Choose an example of abnormal behavior from a film, book, or TV show. For example, Shakespear’s Hamlet (Is he suffering from a Major Depressive Episode?). Another example would be Monk, the TV detective, with many fears. The Blackboard site for this course will contain a list of potential movies that you can choose from, or you can pick another movie, book, or TV show. For your chosen case, discuss the following:

1. Start your paper with a brief synopsis of the character’s life and symptoms. Why did you chose this person for the assignment.

2. What is the evidence for the diagnosis that you think is appropriate? What symptoms does the character display? Does anything in the character’s history help with the diagnosis? You may need to consult the DSM IV-TR for the diagnostic criteria.

3. How would one of the psychological paradigms talked about in class (e.g., the biological, the psychodynamic, the behavioral, or the cognitive) help explain the development of this problem? Using the ideas of the paradigm, how might this person’s childhood experiences led to their problems in adulthood? What do you think this person’s childhood was like? How would the paradigm explain the continuation of the person’s symptoms even when the symptoms are distressing? What are the strengths and weaknesses of this paradigm in explaining the case?

4. From this paradigm’s perspective, what form of treatment would follow? What would it take for this person to become involved in treatment? Would the person seek it out? What would be the goals of the treatment? What might treatment be like with this person? Do you think it could be successful?

Papers should be written in APA Style and be a minimum of 1500 words, double spaced, including title page and references. In addition to referencing your text or the book, your article should include: 1) information obtained from three (3) independent newspaper, magazine or internet sources; and, 2) information obtained from two (2) peer-reviewed journal articles that address your topic. The following websites describe peer-reviewed journals:

All final versions of the papers must be submitted to Turnitin via Blackboard prior to the deadline. Be sure to describe clear symptoms that fit a disorder.

Tips from in-class notes: pick a character – write synopsis of characters life and symptoms – write about why you picked this character. Diagnosis that would be most appropriate based on symptoms, history or life experiences that would explain the diagnosis. Pick a psychological/biological paradigm and explain why it fits that person. Critique of strengths and weaknesses of that paradigm. What form of treatment will follow (should coincide with paradigm). Appropriate types of citations – 2 peer reviewed journals.

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