A practice personal essay for college apps

500-600 words
I will upload more info



I can choose any sort of personal essay topic for a college application.



  • Write a 500-600 word personal essay that reveals something about you. The danger in this essay is that you EXPLAIN to much and SHOW too little. To avoid doing so, try to employ some of the literary techniques we have been talking about:
    • Start “in medias res” (in the middle of things)
    • Use anecdotes (short stories about small moments in time)
    • Use descriptive, sensory language, and imagery
    • Try using metaphors and symbols that illustrate your emotions
    • Avoid Melodrama
    • Set the mood through description
    • Use interesting diction (word choice) – think about the connotations of words and choose words that add depth to your narrative
    • Try to avoid the verb “to be” in its various forms and the verb “to feel.” Instead think of verbs that illustrate the mood or emotion that drives the action.
    • Use dialogue so that the reader can “hear” a character’s voice



–          I am a very diligent worker (though the fact that I am using this site may seem to contradict that)

  •  I just have way too much on my plate right now

–          I get things done and everyone knows to come to me to do anything

–          Some little things you can possibly write about

  • I lost my student body presidential election this year (how that changed me yada yada..)
  • I am the youngest in my family of three girls- have to live up to expectations.
  • Every year for easter, all of my relatives come together to cook easter bread…how this simple thing is something I cherish and what it in turn reveals about me as a person
  • I am a list maker. I make lists to make lists to make lists. Keeps me organized…
  • Community service. I do it all- soup kitchens, babysitting, mentoring, painting, reconstructing…. Over 150 hours this year.
  • I was a preschool drop out. Thought I was too cool for those kids… Don’t know how that relates.
  • Imaginary friends- sent them away because I knew I had to. Their names were Pootsie and Tina. They went everywhere with me. My parents had to cook them food…
  • One time when I was 5 I stole a piece of gum from a store.
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