A Doll’s House (book/play)

Ibsen,A Doll’s house. 19th century naturalistic drama. Ns Nora illegally borrows money to save her husband’s life, and duly repays it by hard work and sacrifice. Nevertheless, she is a criminal. Over 3 day of the christmas holidays she reviews her life and her blackmailr’s threats with the help of her friend christine… In the essay I must determine if the character is or is not a good citizen,role contributing to her community. Draw evidence for or against from the play. Irony applies in the plays, as a women are not citizens in any of the time periods.
*organized into 5/6 paragraphs
*Introduction of 1 paragraph, with thesis statement,planned organization, and expected outcome.
*Development of critical idea in at least 3/4 paragraphs.
*outcome or conclusion of 1 paragraph.

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