Basically this is to read an article, and answer following question. I will send you the article, and a list of question, just need to answer it. You might also need a book called Criminal Law by Brody Acker for reference.

Read the case of United States v. Stevens. After reading it at least once, answer the following questions based on the case, as thoughtfully and completely as you can. Prepare each answer in sentence/paragraph/essay form.

1.List five areas of speech where restrictions on the content of speech do not violate the First Amendment.
2.In general, what is their basis for these permissible restrictions?
3. The Court states that the constitutionality of the statute hinges on how broadly the statute is construed. How does this apply to the over-breadth challenge in Stevens?
4. What was the governments argument for the constitutionality of the statute?
5. What was the holding of the Court? Why did it rule in the manner?
6.Do you agree with the outcome of this case? Why or why not?

Also, just to make sure it fill up 2 page long of works. Thanks

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