Process Analysis Essay

 Process Analysis Essay


This essay describes how to perform a particular task or give a service. The distinguishing factor is that the process analysis essay outlines the steps involved in the performance of a particular task. The most common form of this process analysis is the recipe found in numerous articles and magazines. The essay form of it outlines the same steps involving the preparation of a dish but it is written in prose instead of the direct commanding tones found in the instructions. The process analysis essay may be tricky to accomplish but the following pointers will help simplify it.

Main Components

Identification of a topic is the first step. The choice of the topic will determine the number of steps involved. These steps are outlined in an interesting manner to give the reader a good sense of the order to follow to accomplish the task ahead. The thesis statement of the essay should be bold to hook the reader as the author gives an impression of authority on the subject. The reader should be swayed to follow the steps outlined.

The tone of the essay is commanding but the sentences should be explanatory. The author should take care not to personalize the essay by using a first person pronoun, but should use statements that imply the second person without using “you”. The reader should have a clear image of the expected course of events required to accomplish the task. This is achieved by the use of concise statements that give vivid descriptions.

The essay should be ordered to give the chronological order of events leading to a successful completion of the task. It is important order the steps prior to the start of the essay to avoid confusion. Each step of the process should have good descriptions of all the necessary tools and components. The reader should be given a satisfactory description of the process. Because it is the analysis of a process, the details should be provided in abundance.


The introduction gives the topic and describes it briefly. The culmination of this introductory paragraph is the thesis statement that draws the reader’s attention and potentially convinces them of the author’s command of the subject.

The body contains the well-outlined steps of the process described. These steps should not be numbered but given in prose form in the paragraphs of the body. Connectors should be used to give the essay a certain flow. The descriptions should be thorough to avoid missing any details and give clarity.

The conclusion may outline the steps to point them out to the reader; hence, indirectly giving credence to the thesis statement that convinced the reader of the author’s command of the topic.

Common Topics

The topics written in this essay type consist of the “how to” essays that give instructions to assist complete a task. The topics chosen should be of practical things like “how to paint a wall” or “how to wash a dog”. The tasks should be easy to accomplish and be relatable to the reader. Complex topics should be avoided.

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