Space has diverse meanings depending on what the subject is. It could mean Science, Communication and Mathematics. In astronomy, space is defined as a three dimensional area that starts where the earth’s atmosphere ends. Space is said to start where there is lowest height above sea level, and satellites can keep orbits for a period without dropping into the atmosphere. Space is roughly 160 kilometers (100 miles) from the earth’s surface. Astronomers sometimes mention about interplanetary space. This space is in between planets. The space between stars is called interstellar and the one between galaxies is called intergalactic. A good number of scientists believe that space stretches infinitely in every direction, and some believe that space is finite and not bounded. This is just as the two-space surface of the earth that has finite area. It has neither a star nor a galaxy.

The Astronomy space could also be referred to as outer space but it is simpler to refer to it as space. The other definition that could be used is that it is the empty part found beyond any heavenly body, the Earth being no exception. It is not completely empty though it is a vacuum of low density particles, hydrogen plasma, electromagnetic, by radiation magnetic fields, and neutrinos. According to theory, space contains dark substances and dark energy. Astronomy space is fascinating and adventurous. Several scientists have visited the space. The means of transport used is called a rocket. The gravity in space is so low therefore; people and other objects float in the air. An astronaut can view all bodies of the solar system from space. This has helped the scientists to do many studies that are taught to the rest of the people. Studies of the space have enabled the use of satellite to forecast the weather. Human beings in space use their own oxygen since they are beyond the atmosphere.

The Mathematics definition says that space is not bounded continuum. This word means a set of points that are not broken. These set of points have three numerical coordinates that are necessary to describe the location of any specific point. At times, people refer to it as three-space because it has three spaced out dimensions. If a continuum needs less or more than three coordinates to uniquely describe the location of a point, the continuum is referred to as n-space or n-dimensional space. The letter ‘n’ represents the number of dimensions. For instance, a line has one space and a plane has two spaces. Sometimes the time is used as a dimension together with the normal three in conventional space. The outcome of this is referred to as four spaces, four dimensional space, time-space, or space-time.

The word space is also used in the world of digitalized communications; the term space refers to an interval when there is no signal being transmitted. It could also be space if the signal stands for logic 0. The term space could be used to refer to the time interval keeping apart two characters, bytes, octets, or words in a digitalized signal.

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