BNP Paribas bank

BNP Paribas bank is an international based banking organizational group that consists of two headquarters, one being in Paris while the other in London. BNP was formed in the year 2000 through the amalgamation of two companies namely Paribas and Banque Nationale de Paris (Oxford Business Group 51). The banking organization is divided into three major types of banking that include retailing, corporate and investment. In addition, other operations include offering solutions in investment matters such as the management of assets and real estate.

BNP owns four domestic markets in the European countries including France, Belgium and Italy. In addition, it performs some of its retailing activities in other countries in North Africa, America and Ukraine among others (Oxford Business Group 51). In the BNP financial analysis of share capital, in the year 2009, it amounted to 2,368,310,768 euros that was distributed among shares adding to 1,184,155,374. However, in the year 2010, a sequence of business deals caused changes in the share amount (BNP Paribas 2011).


Based on analyzing the earnings per share, the amount was reaffirmed to be accountable for the increase in capital with sustained privileged payment rights operating between the years 2006 and 2009.


The return on equity is measured by dividing the net revenue of the group share by the mean equity that is attributable to its holders from the period between January and December. From the year 2007 to 2011, the amount of return on equity follows the ascending order in which values increase as the years add up (BNP Paribas 2011).

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