Personal Statement

RE: Transfer to a Private College

It has been a privilege studying in the community college I was for the past two years studying political science. However, I would like to get an opportunity and finish my major in Political Science/Pre-law at a private college. This is because of the advantages that come with studying in a private college and what I would wish to achieve both in this period and in life.

The main advantage of studying in a private college is that I will get a bachelor’s degree, something which cannot be received at a community college. I wish to major in political Science, and this can only be achieved in a college of such stature. Private communities are characterized by smaller classes as compared to community and public colleges. This also includes a smaller faculty-student ratio as compared to other public universities or community colleges. This will enable me to seek more lecturer attention in my problematic areas.

I yearn for a college atmosphere, which I had been lacking since I am a commuter student. I believe that the college experience will shape me to be independent. Since private colleges have smaller environment setting, this will work for me as I prefer smaller settings to the large public college settings. I believe in the power of interaction and knowing people. In those two years, I got to interact with very few people due to the insufficient time, and since most people were commuters. However, this experience in a private college will enable me to interact more since I will be in campus for a longer time. Since the settings are smaller, I will be easier to interact with as many people as I can.

Although the funding might seem to pose a challenge since private colleges are more expensive than community colleges and public colleges, this challenge can be overcome. I have some reasonable amount of money to get an admission. I will play my role of applying for scholarships and the donations offered by the school.

Since the private colleges are more specialized, majoring in political Science will much easier and more effective as compared to attending public universities. The specialization, the smaller classes and the smaller settings will work to my advantage and my better performance. Through attending a private university, I am sure I will have better chances of graduating with a better outcome as compared to doing this course elsewhere.

My main objective is to not only graduate with a degree in Political Science, but to graduate on top of my class with a good score. This will enable me get a higher chance of getting better employment opportunities, or have the best knowledge when starting my own firm. The diversity of resources and the smaller environment will aid me in my other areas of interest (for example, interaction).

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