Interview Questions

  1. What will lead you to opt for ERP cloud computing in your information systems?
  2. What system of ERP will your food packaging company use and why?
  3. Considering it is new in the market especially where your business is located, what are the challenges of adopting an ERP system?
  4. What operations will be included in your clouds? Do you feel they will reduce the workload or they still need more of human intervention such as skilled labor?
  5. How will the employees react when you decide to adopt this technology; will they have resistance or they embrace it open handed, and why do you think it was so?
  6. What will be the advantage of ERP and cloud computing in a food-processing factory?
  7. What are the disadvantages and weaknesses?
  8. If there are any, what are you doing about the weaknesses in ERP and how do you intend to tackle them in future to be strengths?
  9. What other challenges are posed by use of ERP to the whole of your food-processing company?
  10. What have been its implications so far since you started using it? Has it been as you expected or still has a long way to go?
  11. Have you realized any benefits from its use so far? Alternatively, does it require more time to realize its benefits?
  12. Considering the food packaging company, what has been the specific significant change in the operations after using ERP and cloud computing?
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