Managing time as an adult learner






Managing time as an adult learner

First subtopic: Time management: A to do list

Time management is the process of implementing attentive control over the time used in carrying out certain operations with the aim of maximizing work efficiency. Management of time can be supported through various skills, strategies and mechanisms that are used in order to achieve particular activities within the specified amount of time (Mind Tools, 2011). Some of those strategies include defining the goals to be achieved, assignment of tasks, organizing how the tasks will be performed and analyzing how the allocated time was utilized. However, in order to achieve implementing those strategies effectively, one requires to prepare a to do list.

A to do list can be defined as a listing of tasks noted down on paper for memorizing purposes. The list ensures that a person’s activities are recorded in one place in order for one to have easier remembrance of the fundamental activities he or she is expected to accomplish. In addition, it enables one to organize his or her activities based on the manner he is meant to accomplish them in order to achieve effective time management (Mind Tools, 2011). This enables one to differentiate on the level of urgency or importance in the activities he is meant to do and hence identify the tasks that require immediate consideration.

To do lists are important in a case where one is required to achieve a load of several tasks within a minimal period. However, if the list is not utilized in an effective manner, an individual may end up being confused, distracted and undependable to their surrounding. For example, an employee in the corporate environment who has been assigned to perform several tasks may have difficulty in accomplishing them within the expected time. This is because of failing to prioritize the urgency of the tasks given in the correct order and hence being unable to meet the expected deadlines when accomplishing tasks (Kush, 2009).

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