I am a 22 years old white female. I live in the suburban north of Boston with my parents and three brothers. One of my brothers, aged 19, is gay and my parents and extended family are very supportive of him. My family is of Irish catholic decent. Personally, I am more spiritual than religious. I enjoy a very good relationship with my family. In addition, my parents are very supportive of me and expect me to do well. My parents work hard to raise enough money so as to qualify for financial aid for our college education. However, it is still difficult for them to afford our college. In order to supplement their efforts, my brothers and I take loans and work full time while still studying.  I graduated from high school in the national honor society but I am trying to find my way through college. I want to enroll for a nursing program as a result of my job experience as a patient observer and a Certified Nurse’s Aide. My experience urged me to do better things as a nurse. I am registered as an independent but I voted for the Republican Party. I also drink occasionally.

Currently, I am learning the various components of sociology. Sociology revolves around the study of the individual and human behavior in society and group interactions. Sociologists argue that all human behavior occurs within the context of social institutions and culture of society. Consequently all human behavior is influenced by the groups they belong to. Therefore the ability to see the societal patterns that influence the individual and groups of individuals is therefore crucial in sociology studies.  The best way to understand this concept therefore is to use ourselves as subjects. This is by examining how the groups we belong to and patterns within our own race, class, gender, education, religion, family, culture and other group relationships determine our own behavior. It is difficult to explain other peoples’ behavior if we do not understand our own behavior. This paper therefore explores how each of these factors influences my own life.


An individual’s racial background, to a large extent influences his or her behavior. Most races are divided into smaller ethnic groups which have their own norms which guide the lives of their members. This influences the individual behavior of the members. In addition racial prejudices often exist among members of different races. In America, whites and blacks have had their differences over the years but this is now coming to an end especially with the election of the first black president. Personally, my racial background has little or no impact on my behavior. I am a diverse person and therefore one’s race does not influence my perception towards them. I have friends from other races who I interact with very well. There are some members of my race who believe I should behave in a certain way because of my racial background. However, I do not regard this as important as the color of my skin, according to me, is only my physical identity.


I come from an average middleclass family. As I mentioned earlier, my parents work hard so as to afford us a college education. I also have to work while I study so that I can assist my parents. This has made me a more responsible person. For instance, my experience as a Certified Nurse Aide has given me the desire to study nursing as I want to make a difference in the nursing profession. My life is also modest and does not allow me to be extravagant or engage in leisure activities excessively. I do not go out often and I only drink occasionally.




I am a high school graduate trying to get into college. During my schooling years I  interacted with people form diverse background as well as engaged in activities which had an impact on my life. Education gave me the opportunity to understand other people and society and this changed my perception of life. I am more objective than subjective when dealing with people. I was the hockey team captain and a girl guide as well. As the captain of the hockey team, I was entrusted with certain responsibilities which gave me experience and leadership skills. As a result I am able to handle most issues in my life well. I am also seen as the leader among members of my peer group.


My gender to a large extent has an influence on my behavior. To begin with, as a lady, there are society expects me to behave in a particular way. I am expected to be more affectionate, caring and less aggressive. Indeed I am a caring person as this is seen in my decision to take a course in nursing so as to make a difference in the nursing profession. Although society expects me to be less a aggressive, I am a go getter. I do not wait for opportunities to come my way, I go for them. I work so as to help raise my college fees. I am not just sitting around waiting for my parents to raise my college fees. Although we live in progressive times, there are still biases which society has towards members of the female sex. Some employers prefer to employ men as opposed to women. There is also the risk of gender violence and harassment as society views women as the weaker sex. These are some of the things I have to overcome. This has had an influence on my behavior as I have to be more aggressive and aware of my rights as a lady.


As I mentioned earlier, my family is Irish catholic. My family however is not very strict on following the ideals of the Irish Catholicism. My younger brother for instance is gay but my parents as well as the larger family are very supportive of him. Personally I am not a very religious person, I am more spiritual. I therefore do not judge people from a religious perspective. I accept people as they are and respect their personal beliefs. My friends are from different religious backgrounds but this does not affect our relationship.


To begin with, I am a family person. According to sociology, the family is the basic social unit in society. It is possible to tell what kind of a family an individual comes from their character. I come from a very loving and supportive family. My parents hold me in high regard and always encourage me to be the best in all that I do. This has made me to be a self driven and confident individual. I always aim higher than is expected of me in all that I engage in. This is how I made it to be the hockey team captain in high school and is also the reason I want to be the best nurse in the profession.


Culture is defined as the way of living of a particular group of people. Some ethnic groups have strong cultural practices which bind and influence the behavior of their members. Personally, my race does not dictate the cultural practices of its members. I am therefore not bound to follow any particular cultural practices. I live in a suburban where lifestyle of many individuals is based on the urban culture and I am no exception. My life revolves around an urban lifestyle which involves frequenting shopping malls, entertainment spots and going for movies. When not working, I am usually studying. I do not engage in a lot of leisure activities probably due to my socioeconomic background. This explains why I am a social drinker. Some things like hanging out often are not a priority in my life.




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