Safer Sex

Safer Sex

Today, contraceptive or birth control methods are many, and one can have a number of ways to choose from, but one has to consider the one that fits them best considering their stage of life. Katherine and John could consider the use of barrier methods, which include the male condom, female condom, and spermicidal methods. The male condom is considered the only way young men can use; since it stops the contact of sperms to ovum hence prevent fertilization. This has no side effects to both, and it is almost 100% sure. The female condom works the same way, only that it is worn by women. The spermicides are chemical, designed to destroy sperms and at the same time hinder them from entering through the cervix. They are in forms of cream and foams that are applied in the vagina. However, they may not be as effective as the other two on their own; rather, they work best when combined with a condom, to be more effective. In addition, there are hormonal methods of contraceptive, which they could consider such as a combined pill, that produces progesterone and oestrogen, which stops release of an ovum every month but monthly periods continue. The other type of pill produces progesterone that thickens the vagina lining to stop the sperm from getting through to the ovum. If pills are followed strictly, it is an effective method for birth control as long as one does not miss it in a day. In addition, hormonal pills can disrupt menstrual flow, and make it irregular due to change in hormone secretion (Alexander, Larosa, & Alexander, 2009).

In the case of Tanya, considering she wants protection from STIs and pregnancy, she will have to consider both barrier and hormonal methods. Condoms will be effective in prevention of pregnancy as well as diseases, and at the same time, have no side effects since there is no direct contact (Davidson, 2011). However, they could slip off and cause contact between partners. To prevent pregnancy, Tanya could also consider several methods including long term since she is not planning to have a baby soon. One consideration could be injections that last about 8-12 weeks before one needs another one. She could consider the use of a patch that is stuck on the skin that continues to release hormones. An implant could also be a good method, sine it is long term and one does not need to remember to take pills. However, these methods, considering they are hormonal, they could affect her periods and sometimes can cause virginal discharge and do not prevent diseases.

In prevention of pregnancy or birth control as well as sexually transmitted diseases, men can be included in the role through agreeing with their partners on which method to use other than leaving it to women alone. For instance, if a couple chooses to use condom as their method of choice, the man has to ensure that he uses it properly every time they have sex. Combination of both is more effective.



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