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Tourism Industry

Malaysia is a favorite tourist destination in the Asian region. The region has however faced various calamities over the past few years. The article ‘RM8b Tourism Revenue Goal’ in the Daily Express gives some various ways, which the government is using to promote the industry. It notes the government’s effort to improve the infrastructure. It adds how the government is encouraging various stakeholders to enhance their personnel development and better service delivery. The article further adds that the government is aiming at increasing the number of both domestic and international visitors who are visiting. The article also notes the government’s effort to increase tourist attraction centers. The minister is calling for all the people to work together so that they can achieve their goals. The article also notes various winners who got various accolades for their efforts in promoting the tourism industry (Kinabalu 1).

The article ‘Group Promoting Ecotourism and the Semai Orang Asli Way of Life’ in The Star Online highlights the efforts of a local group that is aiming to promote ecotourism and show the local lifestyle of the people. The article further adds how the local people are engaged in various activities of keeping their heritage. The group shows tourists around the jungle and engages them in activities such as trekking the Cameron highlands. They also educate visitors about the environment and show them aspects of nature such as the Rajah Brooke butterflies and viewing the Rafflesia. They are also involved in nature conservation. The article also recognizes the government’s efforts in rewarding them. It gives a brief history of the group.

In addition to the above activities, the group also trains villagers to act as tourist guides. This opens up the region to more people. The article gives them credit and notes how they are the unique recipients of the president’s award. It tells of the various accomplishments of the group such as the tourism center and the introduction of information and communication technology. The article goes a step further and recognizes the various groups that are acting together with the group such as the nature society and the various non-governmental organizations (Leen).

In the article ‘Tourism Minister’s Mission to Promote Malaysia, One of the World’s Most Safe and Stable Tourist Destinations!’ covered by the Business Wire, various efforts by the tourism minister of Malaysia and his entourage are highlighted. The article describes the minister’s effort and his quest in promoting tourism. In the article, the minister is aiming to renew the country’s relationship with the USA and Canada. He is also aiming to inform the two nations about any new developments in Malaysia especially those concerning tourism. The article covers his tour in various cities in Canada and the US. It further adds the activities that he will be carrying out while on tour. The minister gives a good account of Malaysia focusing on its safe and secure environment, and displaying Malaysian fashion. The article also talks about the educational seminars and conducting press conferences so that more Americans know about Malaysia. The article shows the minister’s diverse activities such as talking to filmmakers about making films concerning his country (Gale).

The article in the Business Wire about the minister’s tour is commendable. The various activities he has planned to carry out are good. He also does a good thing by involving other people such as fashion models in his tour. However, he seems to concentrate more on USA and Canada forgetting that he can get a larger market in other regions. This means that he can do much more. The first article recognizes the efforts of those who have made an impact in promoting tourism. This is a good thing because people like it when their work is acknowledged. The Star Online did a good job in recognizing a local group whose work would have perhaps gone unnoticed. All these ideas are important and they cover a wide range of sectors such as fashion, the environment and the economy.

While there is still a lot that has been done by the government and other stakeholders, much more can be done to bring tourists to Malaysia. The local people should realize that by supporting the industry they would also be helping themselves and improving the economy. This can be achieved through job creation. Various jobs can be found in the hotel and airlines sectors due to the increase in demand. By reducing the accommodation and airline fees, many people will choose Malaysia as their destination of choice. This will open up Malaysia to everybody. There should be diversity offered in the tourist sectors available. Services such as health care and education will lead to many people visiting. Provision of affordable higher education can also promote tourism, as everyone will be able to join the universities. Diversification of medical services will also open Malaysia to tourists

Malaysia should also improve security measures in the country so that everyone who visits is assured of safety. There should be no discrimination of any kind be it religion or race. Everyone should feel that he or she is welcome. Marketing and awareness campaign should go on and target wider regions. Various media including the internet should be utilized. There should be positive news about Malaysia from all sources so that all should know about the country. Tourism should not be only in the urban areas and other regions of Malaysia should be opened up to tourists. Local people should make various artifacts, which they can then sell to the tourists. Local materials such as batik should also be marketed. Water sports should be made professional and sporting contests should be held. This will make Malaysia a sporting destination.




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