The article addresses the issue of creating special law to deal with hate crimes. The author asserts that the current edicts are not good enough in subduing hate crimes as noted within the American nation. Dodge is bitter because perpetrators of hate crimes are backdated therefore becoming a nuisance to the development of the nation. The author further asserts that present edicts are ruining the American dream thereby spreading much disappointment. Dodge considers today’s world as very developed therefore believing that hate crimes should be outdated practices. This is quite dangerous because there is a lot of immigration happening in America, which has made the country very diverse in terms of the populace. The most disturbing thing is that these hateful strikes are being conducted at central places within the nation.

The suggestion offered by the author is agreeable and offers a good solution to the outlined problem. This reveals that the author is patriotic and mindful about her country. It is wise to have special laws for hate crimes so that the government can curb the upcoming offences. Hate crimes are not only local but also international with the United States of America having been victimized severally by the Middle Eastern nations. Countries like Iraq, Vietnam, and Afghanistan amongst others have hatefully attacked the US thereby necessitating special laws with terrorist attacks in mind. Future laws should clearly elaborate approaches of dealing with international terrorists upon their detention. For example, after Osama Bin Laden was seized and subdued, he was executed and disposed off.

This is a good example of law needs within the international community. In case the misdemeanors are local in nature, there should be different laws set in accordance to the magnitude of their crimes. A country should not experience internal hate crimes, especially if it constantly faces outside attacks or threats. On the contrary, a nation should be united and focus on dealing with outside attacks instead of internal ones. It is also very crucial to focus on the hatred aspect as opposed to the need for punishing the offender. For instance, if an attack is directed to the US from another country, the latter should be concerned in apprehending the perpetrators as well as investigating the reason of the attack. If the victimized nation wronged the attacker hence triggering the issue, then responsibility should be attached to diplomatic discussions towards settling the same.

The article notes several weaknesses. First, the publication fails to offer further details except laws with regard to hate crimes. A reader who does not fully understand the issue of hate crimes cannot rely on this article for knowledge. Further, no specific examples have been offered in explaining what hate crimes are. The author assumes that the reader automatically understands hate crimes. Another weakness is noted in the suggestion of special laws for hate crimes. A good author should have offered a pragmatic idea and approach of how special laws should be created and instituted. Vaguely mentioning about the creation of special laws is not helpful enough. The author asserts that special laws should protect the people and unite them. This is not a guarantee because currently, there are laws, which deal with these hate crimes yet the effectuality factor is absent. Present laws are not effectual evidencing lack of an assurance whether special edicts will overcome the given limitations. There is a high possibility of failure. Some people may even argue out that it will be unfair for hate crimes to be treated more harshly, since they are no different from other crimes and thus raising a controversy.

There would be nothing wrong with creating and implementing special laws. It is a viable idea towards countering hate crimes within the country. The legislature should deliberate on this issue and zero in on the best way forward because either way, hate crimes have to be dealt with. These laws should be created and implemented with the judiciary and the legislature observing their effectiveness. High caution should be taken to avoid any form of controversy.


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