Introduction to Preparedness for First Responders and Community Officials







Introduction to Preparedness for First Responders and Community Officials

When a disaster strikes, the worst affected party is the community. People in the society tend to loose there property and life. Since disasters are an act of God, it is not known when they will occur. They can strike any time of the day. When they strike people die and a lot of property is damaged leading to losses in the community. The only problem is that how are the people in the community prepared incase a disaster strike them. Therefore, the question of whether responders and the community officials are prepared for disaster needs to be addressed..

Lately, there have been many disasters affecting the community and all over the world. Recently, America has been hit by a couple of hurricanes where many people have been affected. People have lost lives and a lot of property has been destroyed. The problem is that people are not effective enough in responding to these disasters. As a result, many people end up sustaining injuries while other end up dying. What made me interested in writing this topic is because of the many disasters that have been occurring killing many people. Additionally, the problem of unwarranted deaths attributed to disasters needs to be addressed.

The main purpose is to come up with a good plan that will help in teaching the first responders and community officials’ ways of preparing themselves and the public for a disaster. This is because they are the ones who are involved in evacuating or helping those people that have been affected by a disaster. Additionally, they are the ones who are able to mobilize the society in any situation. Therefore, by a creating a plan for them, it will help in introducing preparedness to the first responders and the community officials incase of a disaster.

Research Question addressing the research purpose

            The first question is what plan will be required to create preparedness to the first responders and the community officials? This question will help in evaluate the best plan for the people who are involved in preparing themselves incase of a disaster. Additionally, it will help in implementing the readily available plans by create the best plans. Lastly, to answer this question, there will be the study of concepts or variables that will result in coming up with the best plans to help in teaching the first responders and the community officials.

The other question to be asked is why do this people need to be taught and how are they expected to administer the information to the society? People might ask why not teach the whole community instead, of teaching a section of people. This question will help in solving such queries. Additionally, after introducing the information and plans about preparedness, these people need to go back to their communities and teach the people on how to use the information. Therefore, ways on how to transfer the information to the other members of the public will be established.

It is not possible to watch people die every day each time a disaster strikes. In fact, it is extremely painful to watch somebody dying knowing that if they were prepared, it could have been avoided. Therefore, to eliminate such incidences from happening, the research will be of great help to the society. Additionally, this research will help to solve the problems of the already existing plans. In cases of disasters preparedness, there are essentials things that people need to be taught. One of them is that they are given this information so that they can be able to survive on their own.     The other one is to help them in saving the other if they can be able to save them. Therefore, this topic will help people learn ways for helping one another as they help themselves. The information will be obtained from the homeland security, American Red Cross, UN and other important resources that might be useful.

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