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            This paper will highlight several issues about the human resource degree course am undertaking. It will look at the degree goals that I have set. I have also noted the course topics that I excel in and why I like them so much and the ones, which do not hold my interest. The paper goes further and notes the career goals that I have set. I have looked at various areas, which can assist a human resource manager to improve his or her work, and how employees can be motivated. There are certain characteristics, which a human resource manager should possess, and this is noted. In addition to that, I have noted the various areas where a college student can first volunteer his or her services in order for him or her to gain experience and learn how to deal with different people.

Adult education theories have their place in learning. Training is one of the activities, which human resource personnel must do if he or she is to realize the set goals of the organization. I have discussed how these theories are applicable in the modern day. The theories also help a person in a leadership position to understand others in a better way. All these issues are discussed in this paper.  In conclusion, even though people are good at communicating with their friends that does not necessarily mean that they can work as human resource personnel. More people are becoming interested in the course everyday but only the best can survive. All these details are discussed in the paper.

Human Resources

            Human resource has come a long way. Every organization needs to have human resource personnel. Human resource managers have several functions. The major duties are the administrative duties such as recruiting employees, interviewing, hiring and training them (Strayer, 2005). In addition to this, they are also involved in making policies and strategic planning. My career goal as a human resource manager is to ensure that all the employees in the organization work to their maximum potential. I plan to do this by increasing the level of their skills through training and development seminars. I also want to reduce the number of employees’ dissatisfaction and increase their morale for working.

The main activity I aim to introduce is team building, which will take place outside the office preferably in a popular get away place. In addition to increasing the employees’ morale, it will also increase teamwork among the members in my department and reduce internal conflicts. This means that people will enjoy their work more and they will look forward to coming to work every morning (Worman, 2010). It is my career goal that wherever I am placed, I will do my work to the best of my ability and make sure that there is a positive change in that organization. I aim to leave employees fully satisfied with their work and having a positive attitude towards it. Of course, all this will happen after I finish my undergraduate studies.

I want to work for a serious and influential organization and getting average goals will not help. I am working on my four-year degrees course. My main objective is to graduate with first class honors. This course covers several topics such as law, psychology, management, organizational structure, computer studies, finance and many others. I find law, psychology and management quite interesting. Psychology is my strongest topic. Different people have different personalities. It is important to learn how to deal with all types of people and psychology helps in this. I find finance and computer studies too tasking.

Having to deal with all financial mathematics and accounts is a huge task for me. Computers do not really hold my interest. I prefer dealing with people on a face-to-face basis, rather than dealing with machines. This is not to say that the two topics are not important. To be an effective manager, a person has to be competent in every area. Therefore, although I prefer psychology to finance and computer studies, I do not neglect them. I do whatever I can to make sure that I pass them. Human resource involves dealing with people. Although many elements are involved, people are the most important.

An organization cannot function without people. Before job placement, people who are studying for human resource should expose themselves to areas where they will deal with people of different nature. Assisting in hospitals, working in a restaurant, a busy factory or even in a school can be of great help. If a person is lucky enough to get work in a busy organization, it would be of great benefit. As previously stated, knowledge of how people function can help a great deal.

Knowing people requires a great deal of study. A person cannot study someone without knowing what he or she is looking for. There are various theories, which have come up that aim to explain the way people learn. These theories can help a manager to understand people and they are useful especially where training is concerned. The theories include behavioral, cognitive, constructivism, human learning and social learning. Some theories like constructivism and human are more concerned with how people relate to each other (Lara, 2007).

They see an interaction of people as a means through which people learn. If a human resource manager is aware of these theories, then he or she will be able to know which people work well in teams and how to deal with those who do not. Some theories emphasize on an individuals ability to think for themselves and contribute ideas. These theories are also important especially during brainstorming sessions. A human resource manager can pick out those who are more comfortable when they are left to work on their own or those who require minimal supervision.

It is difficult for a person to rely or to use one type of theory to explain a person’s character or to try to define it. Most of the times, learning cannot be explained using one theory, it is often a combination of two or more theories. The learning theories can also be used as a form of incentive. In most organizations, effort is usually rewarded. This can be explained by theories such as cognitive where there is a stimuli and a response. The employees put more effort if they know that their work will be rewarded. The opposite of this is true where if an employee does not do what is required of them, he or she is given some sort of retribution.

In conclusion, human resource is a challenging course. There is so much to be covered in the degree course. The work ahead is not easy either. It requires full dedication and a willingness to work. A person must be passionate in his or her work and in studies as well. There are many resources, which can help people in the areas of business and management. People never stop learning and as one meets new people everyday, it is an opportunity to learn. Each person is different from the rest and no two cases can be handled in the same way. Human resource requires a lot of patience and a strong will, characters that will be tested especially when one is faced with a situation where an employee has to be fired or when to correct someone especially if he or she is older than you are. Since people interact with each other on a daily basis, there is potential for anyone to become a human resource manager.



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