How Does Vitamin D Prevent Exacerbation In Asthmatic?






How Does Vitamin D Prevent Exacerbation In Asthmatic?

Brehm, J. M., Celedon, J. C., Hunninghake, G. M., Forno, E., Laskey, D., Sylvia, J. S., Weiss, S. T., … Hollis, B. W. (May 01, 2009). Serum vitamin D levels and markers of severity of childhood asthma in Costa Rica. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 179, 9, 765-771. American Thoracic Society. The journal article is focused on finding out the relationship between deliberate vitamin D levels and the inherent markers of asthma relentlessness and allergies in children. The conclusions of the study suggest that deficiency in vitamin D is a pronounce aspect of many equatorial children ailing from asthma. In the study, low levels of vitamin were related to increase markers of allergy and asthma acuteness.

Brehm, J. M., Schuemann, B., Fuhlbrigge, A. L., Hollis, B. W., Strunk, R. C., Zeiger, R. S., Weiss, S. T., … Litonjua, A. A. (July 01, 2010). Serum vitamin D levels and severe asthma exacerbations in the Childhood Asthma Management Program study. The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology : Official Organ of American Academy of Allergy, 126, 1, 52. The authors are medical specialists and lecturers in top universities including Harvard medical school and hospitals in the United States of America. The article notes that asthma exacerbations as one of the top causes of asthma morbidity. This situation is often as a result of respiratory tract infections and contributes to significant proportions of the overall asthma related expenses. The article focuses on evaluating the relationship between serum vitamin D levels and the succeeding intense asthma exacerbations.

Chinellato, I., Piazza, M., Sandri, M., Peroni, D., Piacentini, G., & Boner, A. L. (March 01, 2011). Vitamin D Serum Levels and Markers of Asthma Control in Italian Children. The Journal of Pediatrics, 158, 3, 437-441. The article finds that children with deficient levels of vitamin d to have increased cases exacerbation in the children ailing from asthma. The article further concludes that the assistive introduction of vitamin D in the nutrient levels highly facilitated the strengthening of the immune system and thus enhancing the prevention of exacerbation in asthmatic patients.

Currie, Graeme P, Devereux, Graham S, Lee, Daniel K C, & Ayres, Jon G. (n.d.). (2007). Recent developments in asthma management. BMJ Publishing Group Ltd. The author derives the motive for the study on the prevailing increase asthma occurrences in both adults and young children. The article analyzes the various plausible methods in both preventing and treatment of asthma. With exacerbation being a pertinent aspect of asthma, the author researches on the plausible prevention methods in the current medical environment. The article cites the use of vitamin as one of the most effective and efficient methods of enhancing the immune system in the prevention of exacerbation in asthmatic patients.

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