English: Email and Business Ethics


Tuesday, July 13, 2010.

Dear Teammates,

Receive my regards and gratitude on the pleasant time we had while working on our project. I am thankful to you for opening my thoughts in an interesting way and helping me to understand the concept of working as a team. I am also grateful or your kindness and consideration for other people’s needs. All the people in the team worked in a professional way making it easy to finish our project in the required time. Everyone was committed to using personal resources in order to achieve the set goals despite it being a group project. I am also thankful to you for the time we took to have fun and enjoy ourselves at various events. In joining this group, I have not only met fellow classmates but also made good friends. This team has proved strong enough to withstand the different challenges that face students as they work on their projects.

The team spirit that existed in the group is the most interesting part of working with you. From the beginning of the project, each person was assigned a specific role to play in the group. There was a group leader, secretary, treasurer and manager. It was excellent to see that everyone played his or her role diligently. In addition, by working in this group, each person’s strength was highlighted and I was able to know my areas of strength and weakness. There were many arguments that arose from our discussions but we always came up with intelligent conclusions. The group has built our interpersonal skills and this will help us even in future assignments. I have learnt many new things that will help me in other academic courses. The experience of working in this group has built me positively both academically and socially. Am very thankful to this team and look forward to working with you in other projects.

Thank you for your time.

Business Ethics

            Business ethics are the unwritten rules that govern human behavior in the business world. By following ethics, people are more likely to act in a morally upright manner taking consideration of other people’s feelings. In the current world, there are numerous reports of unethical issues going on in the corporate world. Wealthy business people and powerful organizations are continually using their power to navigate their way through illegal issues making it difficult to achieve justice. The media has been reporting these issues but it seems as if no one takes note. The consequences of these actions are being witnessed worldwide and the impact is strongly felt by ordinary citizens. The oil spill from BP pipes has caused national outrage since it was discovered that it could have been prevented. By not changing a safety valve, BP has experienced massive losses while polluting the sea and creating a major threat to sea life.

In broad terms, it seems like the corporate organizations are taking over the decisions made in this country. It has also been noted that some corporate organizations have played a huge role in enhancing the crisis that face the world today. People are no longer concerned with acting in a humanitarian way, as long as they make money. The different scandals that face different people in this country are evidence to show the extent to which people go to become wealthy. The citizens are hurt by the fact that, these scandalous people use their money to influence the decisions made by politicians. A political leader should be fighting for the rights of the citizens who elected him but when he changes his mind because of money, it is difficult to imagine what kind of life the people are left to face. With the increasing number of cases involving individuals, corporate organizations and politicians being involved in unethical behavior, citizens have become more concerned about the future that awaits them.

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