Taxes Emerge as Defining Issue for 2012 Campaign by Gerald F. Seib

I chose this article because the tax increment proposal has proved to be a major influence in the 2012 American Campaigns. Barrack Obama has proposed to increase taxes in order to pay for the new jobs program. He also proposed an increase in taxes in order to reduce the federal deficit. Unfortunately, this strategy is making him unpopular to the citizens and especially the corporate owners and the wealthy citizens. Such strategies are also making the Democrats unpopular amongst the citizens.

The impact of such tax increments on the corporate will indirectly affect the common citizens. Increment of taxes may lead to an increase on the goods sold, which affect the retailer hence the customer. The people feel that he was taking from the rich and giving to the poor. This is something he was greatly accused of during the 2008 elections. The Republicans use the tax increment policy as a weapon to campaign against the Democrats.

The tax increment may not improve the current situation where strong ideological convictions are favoring the Republicans more than they are favoring the Democrats. Out of the 68% conservative Republicans, half consider themselves extremely conservative. On the other hand, only 31% of the Democrats are considered as liberals. This shows that polarization is asymmetrical; the weight is heavier on the Republicans’ side.

The President must take a step and come up with other strategies of funding the job programs and supplying the federal deficit. Otherwise, suppressing one class in order to help the other class may make not only the president, but also the whole party unpopular. On the other hand, if the independent voters feel that the deficits and the programs should be funded by tax increments and spending cuts, as gathered by the Journal/NBC, then the party and the president are not in such a bad position as the Republicans have put it.

Suspected Russian Arms Dealer Goes On Trial by Devlin Barrett

            I chose this article because the Russians have been feared to fund some attacks globally. Being a Russian, the Russian government tried all it could in order to stop Victor Bout’s extradition in Thailand. Unfortunately, it was not successful. The wars and attacks globally are “fueled” by a person or a very powerful institution. It was confirmed that Mr. Bout’s name used to pop up in every conflict in Africa that the former President Bill Clinton tried to settle.

The article becomes of more interest as one wonders whether he was working alone all these years (more than ten years). Was he just lucky or was there a powerful institution protecting him? The article’s impact is that the reader realizes that the evil are finally caught up with by the law. Unfortunately, even the Russian government cannot rescue him from this trial.

The supply of military arms in order to support terrorism activities in various parts of the world has taken place for many years. However, with the arrests of such people as Hitler, Mr. Bout, Osama, and other known criminals, these activities might reduce. Since this is a very sensitive case, it was significant that the jury and judge be careful and cautious as it would of great public interest.

The article brings a limelight to the criminal world of firearms supply. It also proves that those who are involved in such activities are very wealthy and powerful and that is why the investigators tend to take too long before they finally lay these criminals down. Mr. Bout is said to have private air force that was larger than the aviation-logistics’ abilities in many states. That is the amount of power such criminals possess. The fate of Mr. Bout now lies with how well his lawyers are going to argue his case out and the jury’s decision.

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