Creative writing

Creative writing

As a matter of challenge, I prefer to dig in depth regarding the issue of social segregation as portrayed in the movie District 9 or the book Night by Elsie Wiesel. Part of the reason why it is really an intrigue to me is the high correlation that the movie has with the earlier book of Night. On a personal note, I have experienced mild segregation based on my nativity. In addition, my grandmother often narrated her experiences as a native in an underdeveloped country. The aspect of segregation is sadly a traditional vice that its perpetrators reason is warranted by race, origin or even the socioeconomic status.

In the movie district nine, the level of ostracizing that the aliens experience is out mostly despicable. Perhaps the intriguing question that is consistent in all forms of segregation is why the perpetrator would chose to victimize one who is disadvantaged whereas their situation is already grim. It occurs to me that this has been recurrent since time immemorial as seen in the case of district nine where the prawns are stranded on earth out of unfortunate circumstances. The theme of segregation is portrayed in the film in light of the events that had occurred several years down the line in South Africa. These events included the native African being segregated in regards to residence and job types in the in famous apartheid era.

The issue of segregation took its most gruesome toll in the earlier decades of the past millennium. This is evident from my grand mother’s narrations of the brutality they had to endure in the hands of the more affluent and superior whites from Europe. Their main advantage was the advancement they had in weaponry in comparison to my grandmother’s community. The picture gets clearer with the book Night by Elsie Wielsel. The story is heart wrenching as a teenage Jewish boy narrates his horrible experience in the hands of a diabolical German administration. The Nazis perhaps the cruelest administration of the 20th century was going all out against the Jews. The unfortunate turn of events fully unfolded when the Nazis took hold of Eliezer’s hometown of Sighet in Hungary. There are conspicuous similarities of segregation that emerge in the book, Night and the Movie, District 9. The Jews in Sighet are quickly clustered into Ghettos as the case in the movie where the prawns are enclosed in a slum area in the outskirts of Johannesburg.

The question of segregation that unfolds in both media works illustrates the unbelievable cruelty and coldness that the human race is capable of in addition to invoking the question of why God would allow such event s under in His green earth. However, just as my grandmother had always insisted, when people have a common enemy they are huddled together and the bond grows. This is evident in both works whereby Eliezer and his father are able to survive by helping each other. Another illustration has the prawns exhibiting a high level of bonding with each other as exemplified by them trying to protect each other from the human army. There is sharing of food and other resources despite the scarcity and high need. Going by the assertions that my grandmother made, generosity matters the most where the sacrifice is biggest.

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