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Response to Lecture on Picture Books

            The lecture on picture books is one of the most interesting lectures that I have attended in my life time. It is beyond doubts that the lecture on picture books has taught me more on how kids learn to read easily with the aid of picture books. It has also enabled me to understand the procedure that young children undergo before they come to learn how to read and comprehend on written information. The idea of the importance of picture books seems not to cross the minds of many people but it is important for people to understand the importance of these picture books. The lecture on the picture book opened my mind and made me understand that it is important for parents to purchase and help their children in reading picture books. Many parents do not seem to know this but it is important for the kids to read picture books before they join school. This enlightens the children hence it becomes easier for them to understand what the teacher is teaching in school.

The lecture has also enabled me understand that picture books are not only intended for the young children but also older children and adults. Pictures enhance understanding. This means that they make people to easily understand the message being passed hence make passing of information from one party to the other simple. The lecture has also enabled me understand that hard books are types of picture books that are published on a hard cardboard. They are used by young children to play with and are durable. Their covers and pages are hard, hence a reason for them to have a long life.

There are books referred to as pop-up books that employ paper engineering to make parts of the page to plunk up or pop up when they are opened. These kinds of books are generally referred to as movable books. The pictures in this book are three-dimensional hence give a direct message to the reader of the book. The lecture on the picture books has also enabled me understand that the first picture book was Orbis Pictus, designed and written by John Amos Comenius in 1658. From that time, many writers and publishers came up and published more picture books. From the lecture, I chose the bible picture book to be the best and most creative work of the publisher.     The lecture was very interesting but I was left wondering on the procedure carried out in publishing picture books. I would also like to know how the blind could benefit from picture books. Is their a special picture book for the blind? How do picture books help the deaf and the mute? In conclusion, the lecture was interesting although I did not understand on the various issues that I have mentioned.

Response to Response answer

            It is true and a concrete fact that picture books are very informative. Although many people tend to despise reading them claiming that they are simple, picture books give a lot of information to readers. I am happy that the responder did not overlook this fact. Picture books take away the burden of creating pictures in the brain as they display the drawings on the pages. It is important that one is involved actively in knowing the factors that are considered in creating good picture books. I would also like to endorse the responder’s comment on Rosie’s work. In Rosie’s Walk, the work is very attractive because of the presence of text and pictures alongside that illustrate the message in the text. It is also evident that the definition of a picture book is meaningful and true. A picture book can be defined as a book that has both visual and verbal narratives displayed in a book format. It is mostly aimed at young children because the pictures enhance their understanding of the verbal narrative.

They help kids develop their skills in reading. They initially understand the message as portrayed by the picture before the information is read to them by an educated person. Afterwards the children can read for themselves since they already have a clue on reading. It is also true that the words used should be absolutely correct as they are very few hence the need to give the right information. I am pleased to know that the lecture was very useful and interesting to the responder. It is also my pleasure to know that you are now capable of using picture books and accessing them from the right place. In order for you to know more about presenting picture books, it is fundamental for you to practice presenting them to people and get responses later after your presentation. Some of the good authors of picture books are Dorros Artur and Eric A. Kimmel. You can read some of their books in order to get more information on picture books.

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