Application for Pharmacy School






Application for Pharmacy School

Studying Pharmacy is one of the most fascinating achievements that a person could ever attain. The process of being educated in the field of pharmacy opens doors to various opportunities. For example, a person studying pharmacy will probably look forward to experiencing great opportunities while contributing to provision and development of better health to the society. The individual gets to work in communal health facilities, general hospitals, surgeries and academic hospitals among others.

The interesting fact about Pharmacy is in giving me the opportunity to learn how certain drugs are invented and discovered plus the reaction of the body system towards the medicine administered. Personally, I have been actively involved in various activities that have given me the chance to learn more about Pharmacy. For example, I once voluntarily participated in a neighboring pharmacy, whereby I would assist the medical staff in serving the patients. I participated through administering the required different kinds of medication.

In addition, I would also handle the task of treating the patients and performing certain medical tests on the patients to trace for any symptoms of illnesses. However, before engaging in this activity, I was required to have attained a medical certification in the pharmacy profession of which I had acquired after receiving medical training. I have also had a working experience with a pharmacist company known as Walgreens, where I was offered medical training before being allowed to carry out certain medical operations specified in the job assignment.

However, before getting the opportunity to work for a pharmacist organization, I studied pharmacy in college for a period of one year and attained a diploma. During the time, I was in college, I participated in various health projects. One of the main projects I remember was on the traveling mission to a place known as Illo Illo, which is located in Philippines. It was a memorable experience since I formed a great interest in wanting to help people and interact with them. The idea of leaving the place better than it was, gave me a sense of fulfillment. It made me realize that I had the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world and that it was free and available as long as one has a strong self-will.

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