America’s broken politics

America’s broken politics

America is at such a stage where things seem to be stationary especially where politics are concerned. This has generally incapacitated the authority that the nation has especially in trying to figure out how it will help the world. No date appears in memory when the political situation in the nation was this bad. There appears to be no end in sight of this misery. Despite the high repute and fame that the president seems to be enjoying, the situation is not reflected in the Houses where Congress members do not seem to agree on his policies. A significant proportion of republicans are not on his favor. The only thing that they seem to agree on is the addition of forces to Afghanistan. The democrats act like a house divided. They are not fully supportive of the president though they make up the most members in the House.

Americans continue to embrace divisive politics. The gap that divides the people’s economic status, ethnicity, religion, racial and other aspects keeps widening. Filibusters seem to have become the norm. The antagonists are keen on thwarting every effort to have the bills voted and passed by the senate. The idea of a simple majority seems to have been forgotten. This, of course is not taking us forward in any direction. Some of the most important bills have failed to see the light of day because of this. Members cannot come to a common conclusion in matters where they have differing and conflicting opinions.

The House has ceased being the people’s voice in congress. Big and wealthy corporations seem to call the shots on the legislative. What was once criminal now seems perfectly legal such that it is performed on broad daylight. The policy makers see nothing wrong in receiving incentives so that they can influence the decision of others. These incentives are being received as cash rewards from major players in the corporate sector. Of course, this does not come without strings attached. The representatives in the House have to pass laws that favor the people they are receiving favor from. 

Despite receiving a lot of money from the corporations and the heavy tax the public has to pay, the government is still short of money. Lack of money has in turn contributed to poor service delivery. It has also contributed to the diminishing products that are available in the market. Other developed and high-income countries are fairing better than us in terms of budget deficit. There is a need to come up with effective measures, which will provide the government with money. the promises that politicians make during their campaigns may hinder them from implementing some of the positive changes that can run the country in the right direction. For instance, Obama promised that there would be no value-added tax yet this seems to be the most logical thing to do right now to get the money that will finance the government’s budget.

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