Response Essay

Response Essay


Response essays refer to types of papers, which are based on a critical analysis of the topic in question or under discussion. Such essays should not be a mere expression of the writer’s opinion pertaining to the subject of the paper. The majority of the response essays address a single issue as opposed to several matters. This means that the paper will be focused on the matter and will provide a more detailed analysis of the matter. In a response essay, the format is similar to other academic papers. The first part of the paper is the introduction. This part provides general information pertaining to the subject the paper will address. It should be well written in order to invoke an interest in the readers. The last sentence of the paper should be a thesis statement that should summarize the issue the paper intends to address.

 Main Components

A response essay has three main components, the introduction, the body and the conclusion. The introduction is the first component of the paper. It provides general information relating to the issue the paper will discuss. Introductions should be creative in order to make a good impression on the readers. The introduction may also list the points the writer will discuss in the body of the essay. The second component of the paper is the body. It is the part where the writer talks about the issue at length and in detail. The body should include the use of several examples in order to enhance the understanding of the reader. Examples used should be related to the matter being discussed. Finally, the conclusion is the last component of the response essay. The conclusion is the ending of the paper. In most cases, the writer summarizes all the points they have elaborated in the body of the paper. In addition to this, the writer may include their opinions on the matter in this part of the paper.

 Common Topics

Several topics may be written as response essays, for instance, the emergence of new theories in business environments. In such a case, the writer is supposed to identify how the new theories that have emerged have affected business environments. The effects of the theories may be either positive or negative. The writer may also include examples of how the theories have influenced the various business environments. Other common topics include a response to an article or a documentary, a response to an event in history like the holocaust and a response to a new law that has been passed in government

Format of the essay

Just like all academic papers, the response essay should have three main components, an introduction, a body and a conclusion. These parts should be well differentiated in the paper. The introduction should be brief but creative to interest the readers. The thesis statement at the end of the introduction should be clear and precise. It should act like the summary of the whole response essay. The body is the longest part of the paper. This is because it expounds on the matter in question by providing details and examples that are associated with the issue. The conclusion is the last part of the paper. It is the summary of the paper and should be very brief. The personal opinion of the writer may be included in the conclusion. The essay should be written in continuous prose with the components in the correct order.

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