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Following is my professor’s question. It is going to be one of my final paper’s questions. It should be MLA format and use at least three sources for each question. Do not use the pronoun “I” in any of this paper, and be aware of broad generalizations. Have a precise and easy to follow thesis.

Toward the end of the semester, we viewed documentaries that have either criticized aspects of our national money-making engine, or made an argument that large scale greed has harmed our individual livelihoods, or the environment. These documentaries include ‘Roger and Me,’ ‘Who killed the Electric Car,’ and ‘An Inconvenient Truth.’ Please describe how ONE of these documentaries helped make you aware of an issue. What was the documentary’s central message? Also, do you agree or disagree with the documentary’s central message? What cinematic aspects impressed you? Why? Give examples. Please decribe your personal reaction from an intellectual and emotional standpoint.

FYI I chose ‘Who killed the electric car?’. And I’m agreed with the documentary’s opinion

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