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Assignment: ****Choose a character(s) and/or event(s) or setting from Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein novel, create two Diamante poems.

Direction to write a Diamante Poem (Diamond shaped writing):
Diamante poems can be about one thing, such as the Monsters poem below, or they can compare and contrast two opposite things, such as the Day poem below.
Format for Diamante Poem–to create a diamante poem, use the poem frame below, which asks you to use different parts of speech to describe your topic.
Beginning topic
Adjective, Adjectives, (about beginning topic)
–ing word, –ing word, –ing word, (about beginning topic)
Four nouns -OR- a short phrase (about both beginning and ending topics)
–ing word, –ing word, –ing word, (about ending topic)
Adjective, adjective, (about ending topic)
Ending topic
Creepy, sinister,
Hiding, lurking, stalking,
Vampires, mummies, werewolves, and more—
Chasing, pouncing, eating,
Hungry, scary,
Bright, sunny,
Laughing, playing, doing,
Up in the east, down in the west—
Talking, resting, sleeping,
Quiet, dark

Frankenstein: Diamante Poems

First poem

            The Monster

           Ugly, hideous,

          Killing, revenging, canning,[E1]

               Viper, zombie … explorer voyager

                Exploring, sailing, nursing,

              Kind, smart,

[E2]                Walton
















Second poem


      Harsh, strong,

            Blowing, roaring, ebbing,

                Thunders, lightning … ice, mist

                  Freezing, breezing, glaciating[E3] ,

                White, cold,




 [E1]Revenging is not the correct form of the word revenge.


Do you mean cunning instead of canning?


Make sure you look up your words in the dictionary if you are unclear about their meanings.


 [E2]I am not sure how these ideas connect. Kind and smart seems the opposite of “ugly, hideos…”


 [E3]Not sure these are the correct format. Use dictionary to review.  Can you think of other gerunds?


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