Write a 4-5 pages using the APA format and style on the topic;Is GM food safe?

Topic : Is GM food safe?

Paper Requirements: 4-5 pages using the SPA format and style. The page length does not include the cover page, references, article, abstract, or appendices.

The paper will include a cover page, abstract, body (including an introduction, cause and severity, intervention, recommendation, and conclusion sections), references, and the article.

Selection of Topic: The student is free to select any current public health event or ongoing problem that includes sustainability and public health. The article needs to be published within the last six months from a reputable source; do not choose the same topic as your News Box articles, your group presentation or public health issue seen in class. Sources of these topics have to be from a reputable source (these may include online or print newspapers, the Internet, scholarly journals). See the resources section on Noodle for more information on sources. For example Aphasia Public Health News Wire is an acceptable source, but fact sheets are not acceptable sources for the current issues paper

References: you will include a minimum of 6 references that are at most 5 years old, except for the main article which needs to be less than 6 months old. The 6 required sources cannot come from class material (e.g. additional readings, classmates’ News Box articles), except for the textbook reference requirement.

The 6 required references need to include:

  1. 1-  article source – 1
  2. 2-  data sources – 2
  3. 3-  academic/scholarly sources – 2
  4. 4-  textbook – include page numbers – 1
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