Who are the Virginia Anti-Federalists?

Each question at least 40-50 words per answer, must include reference.

1) Who are the Virginia Anti-Federalists? What do they believe, and how are they related to the rise of the Democratic-Republicans? 2) Why does Madison feel the need to create the D-R Party? What happens politically to cause Madison to act? 3) What are the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions? Who authors them and why? How do they reflect Democratic Republican values? 4) How does the D-R party view the relationship between the federal government and the states?

2. How is Kentucky created and when? What are the Virginia counties which become Kentucky? 2) Why do the inhabitants of Kentucky see the need to create themselves into an independent state? How do the Kentucky delegates to the Virginia Ratification Convention of 1788 vote on ratifying the Constitution. 3) Discuss Illinois County VA. How and when is it created? Where is its county courthouse located, how long is it a Virginia county, and why does Virginia cede it to the federal government at Philadelphia? Which states today were are formed from Illinois County?

3. How and why does Virginia disestablish the Anglican Church? How is the new Episcopalian church formed from the old Anglican Church in Virginia? 2) What legislative battles does the Episcopalian church in Virginia have to fight from 1775-1850? Do the Episcopalians ever come close to reestablishment in Virginia, and if so, what happens? 3) Describe relations between Virginia Baptists and Episcopalians during this period. Why do Virginia Baptists react against the Episcopalian church the way they do?

4.The 1850s proved a volatile time for Virginia. As multiple forces were tearing apart the United States, Virginia itself experienced turmoil. In this essay, use research from Google Scholar, as well as well as the Sicken and Hitchcock articles. 1) How strong is the Antislavery movement in Virginia, and how do Antislavery forces try to win Virginia over to abolitionism? 2) In the 1860 presidential election, Virginia voted for the Constitutional Union candidate. How did Virginia move from Constitutional Unionism in November 1860 to secession in May 1861? 3) Why were Virginia Republicans unsuccessful in keeping Virginia in the Union?

Cite all sources per Chicago

Use footnotes to cite sources

Include a bibliography at the end of the paper.

Must include an introductory paragraph which includes a thesis statement, a body of one to three paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph which ties up the entire essay.

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