What was the smallest measured compression force C (lbs)?

1. For the 6 package stack in Study #2, what was the smallest measured compression force C (lbs)? What G level caused this?
2. Study #3 shows damage to cookies after a vibration test on a stack of 10 boxes, each box containing one tray of 40 cookies. Do you think that similar damage levels would be found on a 10 box stack after a 50 mile truck ride? List at least 2 reasons why or why not.
3. Are the following beliefs true or false according to Study #4 and the background material?

a) The heavier the trailer, the lower the ems G.

b) The faster the truck travels, the lower the ems G.

4. Which box in Study #6 had the most damaged apples? Why did this box perform the worst?

5. In Study #7, which cargo area on which ship was the worst environment? Why was this area the most damaging to the bananas?
6. In Study #8, which loose fill material (shell, large S, small s) was best at interlocking?

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