What Not to Do and Why

The typical Session Long Project will variously extend your professional learning, allow for the continuation of an important content theme and demonstrate the applied value of a topic.  For Module Five this SLP will look at the ‘lessons of failure’ as they relate to NOT considering an IT project from a planned change perspective.  As a database, you should reflect back on an IT (or other) project implementation where you were involved (or otherwise have detailed knowledge of)…and which DID NOT go well…one likely reason being that issues and strategies of planned change received little consideration.  In your paper, please help the reader graphically understand what (from a change perspective) came off track and why.  Your paper might be titled:
Understanding Planned Change:  What Not to Do and Why
SLP Assignment Expectations:
Please recall that these SLP papers require that you integrate, discuss, contigiously cite and later fully reference at least three academic sources.  Please use enough concurrent discussion so that the purpose of each citation is apparent to the reader.  Please note that this paper IS INCOMPLETE without at least three ACADEMIC references (you may use Wikipedia and military/ corporate references but they DO NOT count as one of the required three)

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