What lies behind the differences and similarities among categories in this group? Provide anecdotes and evidence to support your claims.

With your Division/Classification essay, you will reveal a division that illustrates something about a topic your reader might otherwise overlook. You will also use classification to organize elements of a topic that would otherwise seem vaguely related. The introduction must introduce the category you will discuss and the thesis statement must make clear why these divisions and classifications matter to your reader. Contextualize your sources and integrate your quotes. The essay must include the use of two direct quotes; one use of paraphrase; and one use of summary that you choose from the secondary sources provided. Essay must be in ML style with a properly formatted Works Cited page for a total of 4 to 5 pages.  Choose one of the following:

1. Have you ever heard a statement that treated a variety of situations as if they were uniformly alike? For example, you may have heard that all first dates are nerve wracking outings plagued with sweaty palms and long, awkward silences. If you have ever had a date that defied this stereotype, you know that dating comes in many forms. Divide and classify to argue against a common statement of uniformity. Give concrete examples to support your claims.

2. Based on our class discussion about culture and subcultures, divide the general concept of a subculture into its necessary parts. In other words, what elements must be in place to distinguish a subculture from just another special interest group? The parts you identify must be mutually exclusive and you must give concrete examples to support your claims.

3. Think of a group of people you meet when participating in a specific activity. Classify the individuals in this defined group into categories that make sense. What common attitudes do they share? How do they differ from other groups who demonstrate different attitudes? What lies behind the differences and similarities among categories in this group? Provide anecdotes and evidence to support your claims.


You are going to use ONLY secondary sources and it must be from the websites that provided only No other citations!

The following are secondary sources that will help support your claims as you write your essay. Select from the articles you find relevant. You must draw from at least two. Your essay must use a total of two direct quotes, one paraphrase, and one summary. Each one must use proper in-text citations. Consult your Writer’s Resource Guide and OWL, Purdue Online Writing Lab – ML Formatting and Style Guide for reminders how to format sources in your Works Cited page. Hint: They are clearly Electronic Resources. Specifically, they are considered Articles in a Web Magazine.

Big game hunter: Sociologist studies the subcultures of online gaming and the nascent world of online e-sports: http://phys.org/news/2013-09-big-game-hunter-sociologist-subcultures.html#jCp

Don’t Oversimplify the Complex or Over complicate the Simple: http://www.socialjusticesolutions.org/2015/05/07/dont-oversimplify-complex-overcomplicate-simple/

Meet the queens of Botswana’s metal scene: http://nymag.com/thecut/2015/11/meet-the-queens-of-botswanas-metal-scene.html

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