What influence did Anne Boleyn have on the Divorce and the Reformation?

“Research Paper. This will consist of researching a problem or question using a variety of sources, which will be footnoted. Besides a title, sub-headings may be used to help organize the material. Arguments should be made to support a point of view or conclusion, and opposing views should be discussed in the paper. Students should meet with the instructor to finalize a topic and discuss how best to approach the paper. [Specs: 12-15 pages; 1” margins; double-spaced; 12-point Times Roman; pages numbered; footnotes (single-spaced, 10-point type) at the bottom of the page where it occurs.]”

I need a research proposal for this assignment. My topic is “What influence did Anne Boleyn have on the Divorce and the Reformation?” but obviously needs to be more concentrated than that. The proposal should be in the following format:

Sections to the Research Paper (point value for each)
[USE THESE HEADINGS (with bullet points under each) for your 1-page Outline]
I. State problem/issue, its importance/significance
II. Discuss different views/opinions/issues and why
III. State your views: support them; strengths-weaknesses to argument; Conclusion
IV. Working Thesis
V. Sources, including relevance to paper (this section i want to be done as the citation page)

Outline must be 12 Times new roman, 1″ margins, SINGLE spaced, no cover page, no heading needed.

Other sources: i am also including a paper with a list of possible sources, an example of a paper, and other sources provided by my teacher.

If this outline is accepted by my teacher, i will HAPPILY return to the site to have the writer write this paper (and of course leave a tip).

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