Vista Remote Desktop software.

you are getting more and more of your home computing environment figured out, and now you will take a bigger step toward the goal of telecommuting. The company maintains many valuable resources on its internal network, and you will need to access these files from your home office. Your goal for this assignment is to understand how you can connect to your office network through Vista Remote Desktop software.

The deliverable for this assignment should meet the following requirements:

Project should be completed using Microsoft Word.
Include a title page with the name and number of the course, the assignment (Week 3 Individual Project), your name, and the date.
Prepare a step-by-step list of the procedure you would use to configure Remote Desktop to connect to your office network. Include screenshots where appropriate.
Include a short summary of any tasks you think the computer support staff at the company would have to perform to make sure you will be able to connect to the office network.
Be sure to cite all references in APA format.

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