Trane Airconditioning Strategic, Tactical, and Operational plan to enter Japan

The final project is a global business plan to be written individually. Each student will select a product or service to be marketed in a foreign country of his/her choice. Students should submit their project selections to the instructor for approval in Week 2.
The format of the paper should be:

Introduction: The selection of the product/service to a foreign country.

Internal Environment: The preparation of the market study including planning, leading, organizing, implementing and controlling.

External Environment: The study of all the external environment of the foreign country including economic, political, legal, cultural, business, religious and competitive environment.

Entry Mode Selection: The study of which type of entry is possible for this business including export/import, licensing, franchising, turnkey operations, joint venture and wholly owned subsidiary.

International Functions: An exploration of the international functions once decided to launch the operation of the venture including international marketing, finance, accounting, human resource management, research and development, operations and manufacturing.

Cost/Benefit Analysis: Finally, the student has to analyze the return on investment of the project from the point of view of the company and also from the host government.

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