Three Protagonists

Comment: The student has a solid start to this essay. The work is properly formatted and clearly written. The student has identified three appropriate literary elements to examine in each novel and does so insightfully. Unfortunately, the student must revise the essay in order to meet the task requirements.

Most importantly, the student must focus the comparative points on how each literary element enables the reader to perceive the growth of the protagonist. In addition, the student must cite each work following the quotes. Please read over the entire evaluation for specific comments. Good luck!

Specific comments: The student correctly identifies a theme of each novel, but these discussions must be further developed. The student must be sure to describe how each protagonists’ growth can be seen through the theme of each novel.

The student quotes each novel in discussion of theme, but the student has not cited the works properly. After each quote the student should cite the author’s last name, year of publication, and the page number the quote was lifted from. Examine this quotation carefully: “Nothing should separate her from her father” (Austen, 1997, p. 200).

The student correctly identifies the historical setting of each novel, but fails to demonstrate how the protagonists’ growth can be seen through an examination of historical context. The student must specifically describe the way in which each protagonist grows as a result of their setting. In addition, the student has inaccurately discussed Emma. Actually, Emma wants Harriet to refuse Mr. Martin’s proposal of marriage because Emma thinks Harriet is above Mr. Martin. Her view changes towards the end of the novel. This might be an example to discuss that shows Emma’s growth.

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