The Nature of Organization & Management

First Please see the attached file called “Organizational Design” to describe for you what you have to write about.

The second document called “Book (pages5-15)” is the book where you have to read about the topics and write.

The third document “Asssia’s Group” will be a brief introduction about our new company that we will make as a project.

Please, don’t forget the followings:
(1) In your part, you will be writing specifically about our telecommunication company, and giving as many examples as you can relating to your topics. Kindly, follow “Assia’s Group” attached document for more information about our company.

(2) It is not a must that you follow the book (The book is used to map our plan)! You can search online for more information about your topic.
To standardize the style of referencing, kindly follow IEEE format.

3) I expect you to include illustrative figures and diagrams explaining your parts. You can easily create nice diagrams through Microsoft Office.

4) Another point is that I don’t want you to stick to the titles I gave you. I want you to be creative and bring new ideas to your part. Use the book or any online source.

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