The Letters of Mina Harker

In Lesson 13, your reading the provocative and complex book titled The Letters of Mina Harker by Dodie Bellamy. For this week’s assignment, I would like you to write a 2 page paper, double-spaced, in 12 point type about the book. Please analyze 1) the structure of the novel paying attention to how it is organized and how its epistolary style informs the story, 2) can you tell me who the books main characters are and how they relate to Mina Harker and Dodie Bellamy and 3) what is the relationship between horror, gender, and sexuality in this text? Please use examples from the novel such as specific quotes to answer these guiding questions. Finally, you are writing a fluid paper not just answering the questions above. I want to know how you felt about the novel while looking deeper into its structure and meaning.

*Any direct quotes taken from this novel MUST BE properly documented. You will loose points on this assignment if there is no reference page in your paper.

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