The Effect of Miranda v. Arizona

I am needing a research paper that discusses the 6th Amendment rights, the beginnings of the amendment and it’s evolution into today’s society through various Supreme Court cases.

The main case for the paper will be 1.)Miranda v. Arizona. Other cases needed for the paper will be 2.)Escobedo v. Illinois, 3.)Powell v. Alabama, 4.)Betts v. Brady and 5.) Gideon v. Wainwright.

Each case will need to be discussed in detail and summarized and explained how it relates to the 6th Amendment and it’s evolution. Also discussing the 6th Amendment itself and how significant it is today.

I am asking for a native English born speaker with correct grammar in the paper please!! Proper MLA format and around 6-8 sources in the paper. 5 sources should be each of the Supreme Court cases listed above and their opinions. I will also need citations throughout the paper, no minimum is required but a decent number is needed for a good grade. Thank you so much for your help!!

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