Summarize the CDC recommendations to help minimize the negative psychological effects of an emergency situation on both staff members and patients.

1.Standard Precautions are crucial for preventing the transmission of diseases associated with bio terrorism.  Summarize infection control procedures that should be implemented in the event a bio terrorism incident may have occurred.  Assume that your patient is from a third world country that has cultural fears of bio terrorism and believes it is a myth perpetuated by governments.  How would you address those fears on the part of the patient.

2.Summarize the CDC recommendations to help minimize the negative psychological effects of an emergency situation on both staff members and patients.  Do you think that these recommendations would change if you were dealing with someone from another country?

3.OSHA recommends multiple factors that can help promote staff safety.  Explain six accident prevention behaviors that should be followed in a healthcare setting.

4.You are responsible for placing and labeling bio hazardous waste containers in the physician’s office where you work.  Explain the methods for proper disposal of hazardous material in the physician’s office.

5.What is the difference between classic myocardial infarction signs and symptoms and signs and symptoms that may be experienced by female patients?

6.Give five examples of situations in which patients with abdominal pain should be seen by a healthcare provider immediately.

7.Screening emergency telephone calls is an important role of the medical assistant in the ambulatory care setting.  List a minimum of two questions the medical assistant should ask for the following health problems.  How would you handle the situation if the person calling was hysterical and speaking in Spanish?


Directions: Please provide detailed and elaborate responses to the following questions.  Your responses should include examples from the reading assignments, if possible.  Your answer to each question should be 1 to 2 paragraphs composed of 3 to 5 sentences.

1.A 19-year-old patient sitting in the waiting room experiences a grand lam seizure.  What should Cheryl, the medical assistant, do to prevent injury to the patient?  After the seizure the patient needs to be placed in the recovery position to maintain her airway.  Explain how to place her in this position.

2.Monica was an exceptional student during school and graduated with a high GPA.  After a successful internship and 1 month looking for employment, she has been unable to secure a job.  She calls the placement officer at her school, who sends her on several interviews, which are also unsuccessful.  The placement officer asks Monica to come to the school dressed for an interview and to bring her resume with her.  As Monica is being interviewed, the placement officer is impressed with her appearance and her communications skills.  Then she looks down at Monica’s resume and realizes why Monica has not been hired.  What problem did the placement officer probably discover?  What can Monica do to be more likely to secure employment?


Directions: Open an e-mail account that reflects a professional electronic address using a free service (e.g., Gail, Yahoo, Hotmail).  Make sure that the e-mail address you choose is appropriate for professional resumes and job applications.


Directions: For this section of the assignment, write a cover letter and also create your professional resume in response to this job advertisement for County Line Physician’s Office.  You find out that the hiring manager’s name is Libby Brown.  Explain in your cover letter how you meet the requirements for the job and how you will fulfill the job responsibilities.  Remember that your cover letter cannot be more than one (1) page and your resume can be no longer than 1-2 pages.

Note: You may submit your resume to the TAU Career Services department for review.  Please note that the TAU Career Services team assists all students in the career development process from the beginning of your academic journey through graduation.  To submit your resume, log into your i Board account, click on the “Help” button, complete the Request Support information, under Contact Request choose Support – Career Services, upload your resume and submit your request.  A career services advisory will reach out to you with feedback during normal business hours, so please submit your resume early to receive feedback in a timely manner.  While working with Career Services, you may want to inquire about the Career Plan and submit that for review.

County Line Physician’s Office – Medical Administrative Assistant

The candidate will be responsible for assisting with front office duties, answering phone calls, managing appointments, handling data entry, keeping track of medical claims and bills, and maintaining correspondence with insurance companies and patients.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Handle front office jobs that include answering phone calls, transferring phone calls to the appropriate departments, checking in patients
  • Manage patient appointments and furnish patients with pertinent information as required by the office
  • Handle all data entry work that would help the office function efficiently
  • Compile medical records and charts
  • Operate computer software and office equipment
  • Maintain office supplies
  • Maintain financial documents and other accounting records in order to ensure that the office runs smoothly
  • Keep track of all medical claims, bills, and insurances
  • Maintain correspondence with both the insurance companies and the patients
  • Ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements

Skills and Specifications:

  • Great communication skills
  • Attentive to detail and highly organized
  • Good leadership qualities
  • Responsible individual
  • Ability to multitask

Education and Qualifications:

  • Associate degree or equivalent experience within a physician site practice preferred
  • 1 year practice management experience preferred
  • Knowledge of medical terminology, insurance theory, and ICD-9, ICD-10, and PCT coding
  • Position is entry-level
  • Candidate must be able to adapt and learn processes
  • Candidate must maintain confidentiality
  • Candidate must follow standard precautions using personal protective equipment as required for procedures

We offer: 

Comprehensive Training, Medical/Dental/Vision, 401K, Paid Holidays, Vacation, and Education Reimbursement

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